Tom McCurdy's Recent Research and Teaching

Tom McCurdy holds the Bonham Chair in International Finance and is a Professor of Finance at the Rotman School of Management, with a (status-only) cross appointment to the Department of Economics, University of Toronto.

Tom has received best research paper and teaching awards, has been an invited and keynote speaker at international conferences, an Associate Fellow at the CIRANO Research Institute (Montreal), and an Associate Editor for the Journal of Financial Econometrics.

Research projects include: Tom founded the Financial Research and Trading Lab in 1999, funded by a research grant from the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF). Thanks to the financial support from BMO, the Lab was expanded and renamed the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab which opened in 2013.

Tom's R&D contributions to development of simulation-based-learning (SBL) tools and curricula includes co-development of the RIT Market Simulator Platform for which he has co-authored forty-seven simulation-based-learning cases which are designed to practice decision-making in the presence of uncertainty about outcomes. These RIT Decision Cases and the associated RIT Decision-Support Templates develop probabilistic modelling and decision-making skills, applying those skills to the types of decisions that practitioners must make, including for trading, investments, portfolio, and risk management (e.g., managing liquidity, interest rate, credit, VaR, crash, variance, and model risks). The cases have been used by universities and companies around the globe and for our extra-curricular events and competitions, including the international (RITC), European (RETC) and Korean (RUTC) competitions.

Tom has taught courses in the MBA, Master of Finance, Master of Financial Risk Management, Master of Mathematical Finance, PhD, and Commerce Programs.

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Recent Conference Slides

Selected Research Papers:

  • Equity Premium Puzzle
         with C. Burnside
         in: The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance,
         edited by J. Eatwell, M. Milgate and P. Newman, 1992, pp. 771-773.
Summary of Some Earlier Research Projects

Selected (current and past) University of Toronto Teaching

Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management Program

  • RSM-6306   Probabilistic Modeling for Risk-Informed Decisions  
    Posted material is available through the Rotman portal.

Rotman Master of Finance Program

  • RSM-4319   Forecasting Risks and Opportunities for Financial Securities  
    Posted material is available through the Rotman portal.

Rotman MBA Program

  • RSM-2303   Risk Modeling and Trading Strategies  
    Posted material is available through the Rotman portal.

Rotman Commerce Program

  • RSM-434H   Financial Trading Strategies
    Posted material is available through the Rotman portal.

University of Toronto Master of Mathematical Finance Program

  • MMF-1920H Investments and Finance: Introduction to Capital Markets and Securities  

  • MMF-2012HF Modeling and Forecasting the Volatility of Returns  


  • Topics Course Contributions

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