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5 articles to read (and listen to) to level up your leadership skills

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Rachel Ruttan, Tiziana Casciaro, Matthew Feinberg, Liz Wiseman, Stéphane Côté

Learn to give better feedback

Advice is like hand a grenade. But there’s a way deliver feedback to employees so that it doesn’t explode. Assistant professor Rachel Ruttan joined Rotman Executive Summary to explore how to give bad – and good – feedback, as well as how we might be working against ourselves when choosing a mentor. Full of practical – ahem – advice, it’s a must-listen for any manager.

Learn to network better

Even leaders at the top of the food chain benefit from networking. In this Rotman Management magazine article, professor Tiziana Casciaro explores the responsibility those in leadership positions have to ensuring they’re offering plenty of networking opportunities to their teams, and why creating these opportunities is important to organizational health.

Learn to build stronger teams

Associate professor Matthew Feinberg explores his research into how team dynamics are shaped by communication and what managers and company leaders can do to help build stronger relationships among employees.

Learn how to amplify your team’s talent

Are you a genius maker or a talent diminisher? Is your team environment tense or intense? Do you make the most of the talent you have under you or are you just taking advantage of 50 per cent of your employee’s potential. It could be the difference between a team that thrives and one that falters. Liz Wiseman, president of the Wiseman Group, explores the risks of being a talent diminisher, how to recognize the signs you might be working for one (or worse, are one) and what to do to help your team thrive.

Learn to understand yourself…and how that influences your leadership style

Whether you like it or not, your background – and where you fall on the income scale – can have a huge impact on your leadership style. In a huge study, professor Stéphane Côté explored how income disparity shaped people as they grew up, exploring the lasting impact on how those from lower and higher income brackets viewed group dynamics. It turns out, leaders with wealthy parents tend to exhibit more narcissistic behaviours. So what can organizations do? Cote’s research dives deep. 

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