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Roger Martin & the Infrastructure Team
Closeup of "Vote" Pin --- Image byJennifer Riel, "Voices From America: Pride, Hope and Disengagement," Huffington Post, December 8, 2016.
Infrastructure_Talent-Econ-RootRoger L. Martin, "Talent Economy at the Root of Income Inequality," Bloomberg Business, March 17, 2015. [Video]
PrintRoger L. Martin, "The Rise (and Likely Fall) of the Talent Economy," Harvard Business Review, October 2014 Issue.
Personas_Rotman Mag_FeatureThe MPI Persona Project, June 2016.

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Richard Florida & the Cities Team
Photo of waiter carrying plates to a table with a speed blur. Photo credit: Mark UmbrellaRichard Florida, Charlotta Mellander, and Karen M. King, "Building 65 Million Jobs: The Geography of Low-Paid Service Jobs and How to Begin to Upgrade Them," Martin Prosperity Institute Reports, September 5, 2017.
Credit: Trey RatcliffRichard Florida and Charlotta Mellander, "Segregated City: The Geography of Economic Segregation in America's Metros," Martin Prosperity Institute Reports, February 23, 2015.
Credit: Rasdi Abdul RahmanRichard Florida, Zara Matheson, Patrick Adler, and Taylor Brydges, "The Divided City and the Shape of the New Metropolis," Martin Prosperity Institute Reports, September 6, 2014.

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Zeynep Ton, MPI Fellow
food-reatilers-screenZeynep Ton, "Good Jobs Score 2016," November 16, 2016.
Abstract blurred department employees were unloading goods laid up.Zeynep Ton, Sarah Kalloch, and Jessica Bixby, "Good Jobs Certification," Martin Prosperity Institute White Paper, September 13, 2016.
aug16-23-77096206-1200x675Zeynep Ton, "How Low-Paying Retailers Can Adapt to Higher Minimum Wages,", August 23, 2016.