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Advances in Strategic Management


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New Editor in Chief:  Gino Cattani!


Brian S. Silverman, ex-Editor in Chief (2011-2017)

Advances in Strategic Management is dedicated to communicating innovative, new research that advances theory and practice in Strategic Management. The domain of the series encompasses, but is not limited to, corporate and business unit strategy, strategic organization and process, alliances and networks, and competitive dynamics. The series is committed to expanding the scope of Strategic Management theory and analysis and enriching practice by:


·         encouraging multitheoretical approaches that span multiple social science disciplines

·         welcoming papers using a diversity of innovative research methods

·         creating focused volumes that explore in depth promising new research directions, consolidate research streams, and address significant theoretical and practical problems.


Forthcoming in 2017


Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Platforms (Volume 37, 2017)

Edited by Jeffrey Furman, Annabelle Gawer, Brian Silverman & Scott Stern


Location and Strategy (Volume 36, 2017)

Edited by Juan Alcacer, Bruce Kogut, Catherine Tucker & Bernie Yeung


Published volumes

Corporate Strategy and Resource Redeployment (Volume 35, 2016)

Edited by Timothy B. Folta, Constance E. Helfat, and Samina Kariim


Strategy Beyond Markets (Volume 34, 2016)

Edited by John M. de Figueiredo, Michael Lenox, Felix Oberholzer-Gee & Richard G. Vanden Bergh


Business Models and Organizations (Volume 33, 2015)

Edited by Charles Baden-Fuller & Vincent Mangematin


Cognition and Strategy (Volume 32, 2015)

Edited by Giovanni Gavetti & Willie Ocasio


Finance and Strategy (Volume 31, 2014)

Edited by Belén Villalonga


Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems (Volume 30, 2013)

Edited by Ron Adner, Joanne E. Oxley & Brian S. Silverman


History and Strategy (Volume 29, 2012)

Edited by Michael A. Cusumano, Steven J. Kahl & Brian S. Silverman

Project-based Organizing & Strategic Management (Volume 28, 2011)

Edited by Gino Cattani, Simone Ferriani, Lars Frederiksen & Florian A. Taube

The Globalization of Strategy Research (Volume 27, 2010)

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Joseph Lampel

Economic Institutions of Strategy (Volume 26, 2009)

Edited by Jackson Nickerson and Brian S. Silverman

Network Strategy (Volume 25, 2008)
Edited by
Joel A.C. Baum and Tim J. Rowley

Real Options in Strategic Management (Volume 24, 2007)
Edited by
Jeffrey J. Reuer and Tony W. Tong

Ecology and Strategy (Volume 23, 2006)

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum, Stanislav D. Dobrev and Arjen van Witteloostuijn

Strategy Process (Volume 22, 2005).
Edited by
Gabriel Szulanski, Joseph Porac and Yves Doz

Business Strategy over the Industry Life Cycle (Volume 21, 2004).
Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Anita M. McGahan

Geography and Strategy (Volume 20, 2003).
Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Olav Sorenson

·         Reviewed in Journal of International Business Studies

The New Institutionalism in Strategic Management (Volume 19, 2002).

Edited by Paul Ingram and Brian S. Silverman

Multiunit Organization and Multimarket Strategy (Volume 18, 2001).

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Henrich R. Greve

Economics meets Sociology in Strategic Management (Volume 17, 2000).

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Frank Dobbin

·         Reviewed in Administrative Science Quarterly

Population Level Learning and Industry Change (Volume 16, 1999).

Edited by Anne S. Miner and Philip C. Anderson

Disciplinary Roots of Strategic Management (Volume 15, 1998).

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum

The Embeddedness of Strategy (Volume 13, 1996).

Edited by Joel A.C. Baum and Jane E. Dutton




Published volumes are available from the publisher and online retailers.