Who Works Where: Occupational and Industrial Distribution in Peterborough

The idea behind this project to develop a matrix for Peterborough that shows which specific occupations are employed in which specific industries and then to compare the matrix for Peterborough with selected benchmark regions. If complete detailed employment data for all residents was available, such a matrix could be easily constructed. However, that is not that case. And while some sampled data is available, other more detailed information is limited to either industries or occupations. In order to develop as complete a picture of the regional economy as possible, multiple viewpoints are needed. This project identifies the key benchmark regions for Peterborough from Canada and the US and then delivers a variety of different viewpoint of this data.

This study maps and integrates data for Peterborough Ontario (CMA) in the same type of framework. Various data sources identify industrial and occupational structures in combination with educational structures. This creates a better understanding of the local economy, also in relation to selected benchmark regions in the US and Canada and provides a better understanding of the Peterborough industry and occupation structure in relation to Ontario and Canada.

The significant amount of output that follows includes a report, including maps, graphs, tables and a summary and contextualization of the results. The report focuses on the structures of occupations, education levels and industry structures. The report includes an appendix that shows how all occupations are allocated to the Creative, Service, Working, and Farming categories and how all industries are allocated to the Goods Producing, Service, Knowledge, and Farming Sectors. In addition to these higher level categories, more detailed information on industries and occupations both separately and jointly are presented.

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