Acoustic Capital: Value Creation in the Music Economy

The edited German volume examines the effects of the Internet and digitalization on value creation in the music economy. These effects are explored from the analytical perspectives of production, consumption, and intermediation. The volume brings together 10 single- or coauthored chapters from an interdisciplinary group of emerging and more established German scholars in economic geography, sociology, cultural studies, organization studies, and management. Insights are derived from qualitative data that build off of case studies of different music genres. The chapters are complemented with 10 transcripts from separate interviews with key stakeholders of the German music economy. The volume predominately refers to Berlin and its internationally recognized music scenes as context.

Three interrelated research questions seem central to this volume: First, how have the Internet and digitalization effected value creation? Second, what is the role of public policy in value creation? Third, how can the shifts in value creation be conceptualized?

Academic Reference:

Fasche, Melanie (2015). Akustisches Kapital: Wertschöpfung in der Musikwirtschaft [Acoustic Capital: Value Creation in the Music Economy] Edited by Bastian Lange, Hans-Joachim Bürkner, and Elke Schüßler Bielefeld, Germany: Transcript, 2013. Economic GeographyVolume 91, Issue 4, 519–521.