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A Creativity Imperative for the Future of Capitalism

The slow disappearance of the middle class, rising student debt, unlivable minimum wage, housing foreclosures, and tax incentives for the wealthiest 1% of the population – cumulatively, these events have led to a deepening sense amongst average American families that the American dream is no longer attainable. These frustrations fomented into a social and cultural movement during Occupy Wall Street in late 2011, and they continue to linger close to the surface. Millions rose up in protest of a system whose original intention was to serve us all best yet has been skewed to disproportionately benefit those at the top. Unfortunately, policymakers have done little to prevent democratic capitalism from being exploited, strained and unbalanced. With decades of experience in business design, business strategy, corporate social responsibility, and integrative thinking, Martin Prosperity Institute Director Roger Martin discusses policy levers to increase the creative content of jobs as a way to re-stabilize and reinsert economic mobility into the foundations of the system.

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